Tuesday, September 25, 2007

According to the ancient belief system of
the Cherokee Native American people, each
direction has a guardian animal spirit
that brings us wisdom, lessons, and

When we look at each of the four directions
from the perspective of its animal guide and
the teachings it brings, we connect deeply
with the particular path we are walking at
the moment. Which path are you on now?
What does the animal of that direction have
to show you? Find out here:

East: Path of the Sun--EAGLE
Spiritual aspect of living that is a part
of both personal truths and interpersonal
Eagle teaches us strength and commitment
to family in the direction of the East.

South: Path of Peace--RABBIT
Natural way of youthful innocence represented
by curiosity, playfulness, and innovation
or creativity.
Rabbit teaches us that we only fool ourselves
with our foolishness. The key is to learn
to play fair and share our gifts with others.

West: Path of Introspection--BEAR
Physical aspect of living and the strength
that comes from knowing ourselves well.
Bear teaches us about strength of our youth,
gifted to help others in the direction
of the West.

North: Path of Quiet--DEER
Mental aspect of inner consciousness and
wisdom turned outward.
We learn calm and healing in the direction
of the North. We learn to be generous and
sharing of our gifts and skills to benefit
all things in life.

" Adapted from The Cherokee Full Circle-by
J.T. Garrett & Michael Tlanusta Garrett "

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