Thursday, June 21, 2007

When Lana’s son knew he was dying of
cancer, he bequeathed his German
Shepherd, Grizzly, to his mother.
And because Grizzly had helped him
so much through his suffering, he
told her, "Maybe there’ll be some
way you and he can help other kids."

Read how this loving animal helped to
bring the grieving Lana back into life,
how he was able to help sick children,
and what the amazing secret was that he
carried for years before anyone found out.
Here is this inspiring true story:

When her son died, Lana felt her whole
world collapse. She became too depressed
to even go out of the house. But Grizzly
knew she had to go on, so one day he brought
her one of her running shoes and then rifled
through the closet and brought her its mate.
When she protested that she just couldn’t
move yet, he pulled at her sleeve. She
started going out into the fresh air again.

Lana began taking Grizzly to the pediatric
floor of the Health Center where she
did volunteer work. Perhaps because of
the time he had spent caring for Lana’s son,
Grizzly seemed to know just how to be
gentle with sick children. The children
loved him. For years he brightened their
days and took their minds off the physical
and emotional pain they were suffering.
Even kids who fought with other kids calmed
down around Grizzly.

One day it was discovered that Grizzly
himself was handicapped. No one had known
it, but he had been blind for years. When
Lana asked how he could do such amazing
healing work while blind, a friend replied,
"He sees with his heart, not his eyes."

- Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Laland -


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