Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here is a simple, beautiful image to
keep in mind that can help you deal
with the inevitable turmoil of
the holidays, and of life in general.

Read what author Hugh Prather has to
say about rising above the chaos here.
If I will release it, my mind can gently
rise above the chaos.

Because its nature is to soar in freedom
and enter the place of peace effortlessly,
today I will picture my mind as a beautiful
and buoyant balloon, and I will release it
to the divine. Now it is chained to a world
that is old and tired, where we have grown
weary of fractured lives and relationships,
of pointless triumphs and short-lived
accomplishments, of inevitable loss and
inevitable endings. Today it is within my
power to release my mind and let it soar
above separation and pain. Each time I
practice this, my self-imposed chains become
weaker and my happiness more certain.

{ Adapted from Morning Notes, by Hugh Prather

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