Saturday, February 17, 2007

You may not even realize how many
negative thoughts you let creep in.
Sometimes they even hide behind
positive ones. When’s the last time
you gave someone a compliment (“What
a great dress!”) and felt the tug
of competitive self-doubt? Challenge
yourself to look at the world and
see out the positive.

If you can rephrase your inner monologue,
your outlook and your outer world
are going to get better. Learn how, here:

Once you replace negative thoughts
with positive ones, you’ll start having
positive results.

~ Willie Nelson ~

Acknowledge any lurking, nasty underbelly
--know it’s there and call it what it
is--jealousy, or anger, or fear. Then
let it go.

Meditate for a bit and come up with three
satisfying memories, three positive
thoughts and/or goals for today, and three
totally out-there wild hopes for the future.
Let yourself smile.
Then pick one thing you
are not looking forward to doing today and
find a way to think about it in the most
positive light possible. Instead of picturing
the pile of laundry, remember how good it feels
to slip into clean, crisp sheets at night.
And let yourself smile.

_ Adapted from Half Full, by Mina Parker

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