Monday, February 26, 2007

When faced with a major decision,
have you ever asked yourself:
What if I do the wrong thing? What if
I make a big mistake? It’s easy to see
when the struggle is driven by fear.
One way to break the habit of
accepting choices made by fear is to
change the way you make decisions.

Find a better way to make decisions, here:
Worry is a circular discussion in your mind.
You go around and around looking over
the same information, the same arguments.
It’s like being lost at night in an unfamiliar
neighborhood circling in your car and only
realizing you are lost after you pass the same
house three times.

The circling process of decision-making
driven by the engine of fear--fear of not doing
it right, fear of not doing what you are supposed
to do, wanting to make everyone happy, or not
wanting to be criticized.

The engine-of-fear process of making decisions
is all about avoiding pain. We think too much, go
in circles, and if we feel uneasy about what we have
decided to do, we may ignore our uneasiness or talk
ourselves out of it.

There is a better way: Make decisions using an
engine of love. When you fuel your engine with
love you recover your passion. That’s because love
is what excites you, makes you grow, delivers you
into an expanding universe, and compels you. Love
is what feels right.

Before you make your next big decision,
information and become informed. Then let your
feelings guide you, and notice whether these feelings
are emotions in the moment or emotions in memory.
Remember, memories are often filled with lies about
what is true right now.

-- Adapted from Belief Works, by Ray Dodd

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