Monday, December 04, 2006

Niccolo Paganini, One of the greatest violinists
.of all time, was about to perform to a full house
As he walked on stage to a standing ovation something
felt very wrong. Suddenly He realized he had somebody
else's violin. Horrified, but knowing he'd no other
Choice he began to play and gave the performance of
his life. Afterwards he Reflected,
'Before today I
thought the music was in the violin; today I learned
'!that The music's in me
Christ lives in you and brings all of His resources
!With Him

So any time you've a problem, you can face it in the power
of the crucified, Risen, triumphant Lord who lives
.within you
Discipleship isn't about doctrinal theory Or even memorizing
scripture. Paul says,
'I have been crucified with Christ
'...and I No longer live, but Christ lives in me
~ Galatians 2:20 NIV ~

There's a big difference between living a Christian life
.and allowing Christ to live His life through you

Jesus wants to reveal Himself to those around you; by
working through you! For that to happen you must learn to
spend time in His presence, because you 'become like
'.the company you keep
Staying sensitive to the promptings of His Spirit, knowing
His will by living in His Word, always comes down to
a battle of priorities. And you'll fight that battle
!every day

So, when others see how you respond to problems (and
?Opportunities), do they see Jesus

Can they see the difference His presence makes in your
!daily life? If not, it's time for change

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