Friday, November 17, 2006

Take care of your body. It's the only place
.you have to live

~ Jim Rohn ~

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our
body is our home which Spirit lives and breathes life
through. We can view our body as a finely crafted
instrument through which we offer our unique _expression
of Love to the world. My guess is that at some level
you agree with these statements, but how does your
?agreement translate into action

Often we abuse our bodies through our thoughts and
actions. We complain about, judge and evaluate the way
our bodies look, function and feel. We eat poorly
balanced diets, overeat, or starve ourselves. We wake
up early, stay up late, use caffeine to keep us alert
and take pills to help us relax. We don't exercise, or
we over-exert ourselves. We fail to get regular
check-ups for our teeth, our eyes, and our general
.sense of well-being

We take drugs to enhance our sex-life, get surgery to
keep us looking young, and rely upon legal or illegal
substances to manage our stress and mood. We get angry
with our bodies when they re-act with aches, pains,
fatigue, dis-ease and distress. Generally, it takes
a "scream" on the part of our body in the form of a
medical diagnosis, illness or debilitating pain to get
.our attention

My guess is if you focus your attention for one week
on how you treat your body, you'll be amazed at
the degree of unconscious abuse you inflict. What
are your beliefs about your body? Do they honor this
sacred home of your Spirit or do they abuse your
?physical form as an unwanted nuisance

Pay attention to what you're paying attention"
to," states wellness coach, Connie Eberhart
of (im' pakt) Personal Wellness. "What you focus
on expands. Have a vision for what you are
doing, and more importantly, how you are feeling
"!when you are living your Healthiest Self

Our bodies are amazing creations, and just as with
any fine instrument, they require care and
maintenance. The perfect place to begin your personal
body nurturing routine is to forgive yourself
for past mistreatment and abuse. Remember to love
.and bless your body, it's the only one you've got

- by Susyn and Sheri -

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