Sunday, November 26, 2006

Many of us believe in envisioning a positive
outcome and setting goals with the expectation
that our plans can be achieved. We rejoice in
our good fortune, often seeing it as a result
of our own efforts. But what about the difficult
times? Did we do something wrong? Are they
?the result of destiny over which we have no control

Stories have great power to teach, heal, and
inspire. Find out what this wise storyteller has
to say about the secret to gaining control over
.one’s destiny

In Greek mythology, the Daughters of the Night
the three Fates, determined each person’s lot in
life. Clotho spun the thread, Lachesis measured
the length of each strand while deciding individual
destiny, and Atropos sheared the cord, ending a
person’s life. They caused both good and bad things
to happen to all mortals, their formidable power
.a part of the natural order of things

All spiritual traditions teach that good and bad
occurrences are part of every life. The hard times
often provide the very circumstance that guides us
to unexpected insights and opens up new possibilities
.for growth. Time shifts and our perspective changes
It takes patience to allow time to unfold and to see
how things fit together. Unexpected changes are part
of life’s mystery. If we lament the condition of our
life, we become mired in regret. When we learn to accept
our situation, we seek to understand it and work out new
ways of responding. In this way, we exert some measure
.of control over our destiny

r Adapted from Wisdom in the Telling, by Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi r


Anonymous said...

سلام امیر هستم یا متبسم سابق. این مدت که با هم در ارتباط بودیم خوش گذشت نخواستم بی خبر رفته باشم افتادهام به فاذسی نو یسی امیدوارم به من سر بزنی.شبح عشق وبلاگ توست؟ جالب است اما من دوست دارم حرف ها خود خود خود ادم ها را بشنومم به من منت بگذار به وبلاگ فارسی ام سر بزن و نظرت را درباره قصه ای که نوشته ام بگو. ممنون

Anonymous said...

این هم ادرس وبلاگم.

Lamis said...

Great words, thank you