Friday, November 03, 2006

I did it to myself. It wasn't society - it
wasn't a pusher, it wasn't being blind or
.being black or being poor. It was all my doing

~ Ray Charles ~

In our society, we tend to look at addiction
from a very limited point of view. We judge
people to be addicts if they are "hooked" on
drugs, alcohol, food, sex, smoking, exercise
gambling, shopping and/or work. Better said
addiction is any habitual psychological and/or
physiological dependence on a substance, thought
practice or behavior that one cannot intentionally
:control. For example

If you can't stop arguing with the people you love
you're addicted to your opinions, judgment and
.being right

If you can't end your self-deprecating internal
.dialogue, you're addicted to self-hate

If you can't forgive those you are angry with, you're
.addicted to resentment

If you can't cease making a big deal out of everything
.you're addicted to drama

If you can't discontinue your need to make yourself
.better than others, you're addicted to pride

My friend Lee McCormick, founder of The Ranch Recovery
Center in Tennessee, and author of The Spirit Recovery
Meditation Journal: Meditations for Reclaiming Your
Authenticity, shared this about his personal experience
.with addiction

In the beginning I was told and believed, that addiction"
was not just a diagnosis; it was a definition that came
immediately after my name. I learned that I needed to
ask forgiveness from all those I had harmed. What I wasn't
taught was to forgive myself. Someone had to be wrong
and I was the one on trial. There was no forgiveness in
".that scenario

Forgiveness was the answer, but not coming from my"
self-judgment and guilt. Once I took responsibility
for my actions without judgment, I forgave because I
wanted to free myself from suffering and guilt as a
gift of self-love and respect. Bottom line: Unconditional
love is not given out of guilt and fear of judgment - and
".true forgiveness is love in action

Taking responsibility for our addiction to the human mind
and the things that it tells us to do is a powerful
action. For example, instead of saying we are addicted to
substances or behaviors, we can say we are addicted to
the commands the mind is giving us to hurt ourselves with
those substances or behaviors. No matter what kinds of
addictions we have been engaged in, all of us deserve
forgiveness for not having the awareness that we are
.Spirit using the mind that is thinking

k With all my love, Sheri k

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