Sunday, November 12, 2006

Admit it: there are times when we are so
angry or disgusted with someone, loving
.them unconditionally is just about impossible
But rage and hate can block our ability
.to open more fully to love

When the author of this book was angrily
slogging through the quagmire of her divorce
her spiritual mentor taught her the following
helpful technique for becoming a clear channel
:for Divine love
When we block our love to and from an other
person, we cut off our own energy supply from
our spirit-selves. We are short-circuited. As
soon as we can restore harmony in ourselves and
reactivate our willingness to send unconditional
regard (it’s perfectly all right if it is
impersonal), love energy begins to flow back into
us from our higher self, and then out to the other
person. A closed heart can neither give nor
receive, while an open heart is a direct conduit
.for the Beloved to love through us

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and begin a
positive flow of energy from your heart to another’s
by imagining the recipient of your energy stream as
someone or something you feel absolutely loving
toward. (You may choose to picture a child, or a
(.beloved companion animal, or a flower

When the heart flow is solidly established very
very slowly let the picture fade and allow it to
be replaced by the image of the person with whom
you are having difficulty. If the flow stops, put
the easier recipient back in place and begin
.the exercise again

Adapted from The Woman’s Book of Spirit, by Sue Patton Thoele _

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