Friday, October 13, 2006

:I like it I am passing on this prayer for healing

.Lord, You are the God that can do all things
You are the God that cares about our sufferings
and our struggles. You are a God that
.hears even our faintest cries

So Father we come to You today to ask for
emotional, mental, and physical healing
for each and every friend and
.buddy in need

Surround each of us with songs of victory
today, O God, as we walk in Your presence
and as we lay hold of all Your promises of
.complete and total healing

As we now pray in unwavering faith, with
all holy boldness, and with high and urgent
expectancy, we believe Your Word as living
.active and all-powerful in our lives

We believe that You deliver the righteous
.out of all our afflictions
(Psalm 34:19)

We believe that You protect us and keep
.us alive
(Psalm 41:1-3)

We believe that You sustain us in our illness
and restores us to health
(Psalm 41:1-3)

We believe that You take sickness away from
us and allow us to see the fulfillment of
.our days
(Exodus 23:25)

.We believe that You heal our wounds
(Jeremiah 30:17)

We believe that You arise with healing in
.Your wings
(Malachi 4:2)

We believe that You have given us authority
to drive out evil spirits and to heal every
.disease and sickness
(Matthew 10:1)

We believe that with prayer offered in faith
You will make the sick person well and raise
.them up
(James 5:14-16)

And we believe that You are a rewarder of them
that diligently seek You, so right now, at this
very moment, in this very instant in time, we
are already rejoicing in this answered prayer

This is the day that You, O God, will manifest
.Your promises in our lives, and we thank You

And with faith, right now we press beyond what
.the reports say
.We press beyond what the "facts" tell us
We press beyond what our doubtful minds
.are telling us

We press beyond what our feelings are telling
us. We press beyond what precedent is telling
.us. We press beyond what the past is telling us

And right now we press towards the mark of
.the high calling of Jesus Christ

.We press towards unwavering faith
We press towards uncompromised belief in Your
.Holy Word

We press towards the promises You have given
.Your children
.We press towards wholeness
.We press towards wellness
We press towards complete and total health
.and healing

.In Jesus Name we pray


Tara "Nikki" Gaudin _

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