Sunday, October 15, 2006

How many times have you been deeply hurt by
something someone said, only to be told by
them, "But it was the truth." Perhaps this
kind of "honesty" isn’t the goal for true
sharing between people. Read what this
well-known writer has to say about speaking
:from the heart, instead of from "honesty" here

The ego is always creating symbols of defeat
.just so it can tell itself it was in a fight
Its claim to reality is, "I oppose therefore
I am." No wonder we often come away from
conversations, even with friends, feeling
slightly disappointed and dissatisfied. We
delude ourselves if we think that we are
.communicating simply because we are literal
No two individuals' emotions are identical. On
that level there is no joining. Only degrees
of separateness can be expressed. Something
deeper than "honesty" broadcasting our
superficial thoughts and feelings is needed
if we are to achieve a real connection with
.another person

And remember, as Henry David Thoreau said
".The only way to speak the truth is to speak lovingly"

* Adapted from Morning Notes, by Hugh Prather *

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