Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Healing Power of Love - A True Story

This true animal-experiment story led to an
amazing realization that urges us to rethink
the value of animal testing. Investigators
at Ohio State University were researching
the effects of diet-induced atherosclerosis
in rabbits. All was going well--which, in
this case, means the rabbits were getting
diseased--in all studies except one. Find
:out what these researchers discovered here

The researchers were able to induce atherosclerosis
by feeding rabbits high-cholesterol diets, but one
.group inexplicably had 60 percent less atherosclerosis
The experimenters were baffled and tried to find
the responsible factor. Nothing they tried proved to
be it--not diet, not room temperature, not anything
.they could change and measure

Finally they discovered that the particular researcher
in charge of that group really liked rabbits. He would
talk to them, pet them, give them lots of love. So
the experimenters staged other experiments in which
control rabbits were ignored while other groups were
cuddled and talked to while all other variables were
kept the same. Sure enough, in every case the rabbits
that had been loved had at least 60 percent less incidence
of atherosclerosis than those that were not shown
affection. Atherosclerosis, by the way, is statistically
.the disease that kills the most Americans

.The lesson here is that love is powerful medicine
Love and compassion are necessary to us all and can
even affect research. Caring and loving feelings can
reach out and affect diseases and create healing--even
.when you are experimentally trying to induce illness

~ Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Laland ~

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