Tuesday, October 03, 2006

.There are only two emotions: love and fear
Learn how countering fear with love is
.the kindest response we can make
Medical research has proven that praying for
the ill and those who feel helpless and hopeless
.has beneficial results

Even when we don’t feel like praying for someone
we know, or don’t feel like holding loving thoughts
of a colleague or neighbor or family member, if
we keep our minds quiet and our hearts open, we
will become aware of God’s presence and will be
guided to do the next right thing on behalf of
whomever is in our midst. We don’t have to do a
lot of work, ever, to make a positive difference
in the lives of the people who are sharing our
.journey at any moment in time

Here are some inspiring thoughts about being
:willing to love

If we listen intently to the person who has
captured our attention in the moment, the response
that is necessary will be clear. Am I willing to
?be this attentive today

Quietly listening fosters peace of mind, provided
that we aren’t also listening to chatter in our
own minds. I will quiet the chatter today not be
.denying it but by letting it go

.Our experiences today have come calling by design
They are important, but if we fail to appreciate
.them, they will come again

Feeling love for any other person on our path today
changes how we ultimately feel about everyone on
.our path. The power of love is awesome

All struggles bring us closer to God if we allow
them to. In the process, it becomes possible even
to be grateful for the struggles. Am I willing to
?consider this gift today

.No struggle can withstand the showering of love
What a joy it is to melt away the tension in our
lives simply be responding with love rather than
anger. Perhaps today will offer me the opportunity
.to practice

Every potential argument can be an opportunity for
rejoicing if we are willing to practice love and
.acceptance rather than anger and rejection

.Willingness is up to me today

Every difference of opinion today can be a time for
.joining rather than an experience of separation

Being gentle never requires that we agree with our
adversaries. It simply means not being mean. This
.is a decision I can make today

by Karen Casey _

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