Sunday, August 13, 2006


I want to share something I learned this
.past 2 wks. while waiting for my test results
satan really attacked me with fear, terror
I fought it but it kept coming back. I believe
God taught me something very important

In church 2 wks ago the Pastor got an annointing for
healings, he called out one that I KNOW is for ME.
Now that I have the results its exactly what the Pastor
said. satan knows if we give into fear,its going to
cancel out what God wants to do so he attacked me over
and over. The Pastor said God is healing skin diseases
he even mentioned a few and when I came home today
and got the news one he called out is connected
".with what I have, mine is called "Dermatitis
The Pastor said its on the back of your foot or ankle
and GOD Is HEALING this. I never got out the
.door of the church when satan started attacking
He wants to steal this healing and he was trying
.to rob me of faith

I read a story a few yrs. ago where a missionary was
dying with a terminal illness, Jesus appeared to him
in a vision and said "IFFFFFFF YOU KEEP FEAR
I kept thinking about that all week. that is why satan kept
.attacking, he does not want me to claim this healing
Now FEAR is out of my spirit and I standing on that word
.from church that GOD has healed me

satan attacks us thru our circumstances, he wants to
bombard our minds with fear, worry and doubt till we
are so overwhelmed with our circumstances WE ARE
.paralyze your FAITH

Psalm 125. 1,2 Those who trust in the Lord are like
.Mount Zion, which CANNOT be SHAKEN, but endures forever

".According to YOUR FAITH, be it unto you"
".Woman your FAITH has healed you, go in peace"

Heb. 11.1 Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for
.the evidence of things NOT seen

Heavenly Father, I thank you that there is NO circumstance
in my life that I cannot DEFEAT thru YOUR strength
and power. Lord I know you are AWARE of my present
situation and YOU know the SOLUTION. Thank you in
advance for the victories in my life. Lord I ask for a
greater measure of faith and I silence the voice of the enemy
who is the father of LIES and NO TRUTH in him
thank you for the healing hand of Jesus Christ and
.the Blood of the Lamb and the WORD of OUR Testimony

.Amen and amen

~ Mary ann ~

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