Friday, July 21, 2006

Protecting Love With Hawthorn Energy

Hawthorn tree energy comes from the domain
of unity. All opposites are reconciled, and
what we call masculine and feminine find their
nemesis in the deepest kind of mystical union
.and ecstasy

Hawthorn's spirit-gifts to us can help us to
feel more loving and open. Read the beautiful
:words here

Hawthorn is the protector, one of the rings of
fire that we see in a mandala, there to purify
all who pass through it. If Hawthorn comes
towards you today, the way is open. The path to
.the great mystery is before you

.The vibration of primeval union needs protection
This is where Hawthorn stands, guardian of the spring
of life. And in our everyday lives we see Hawthorn
used as a hedging tree, with its strong branches and
fierce thorns. An enclosure and encircling barrier, it
doesn’t just protect field and pasture, but also our
holy sites-those places where we search for the unity
.of life through ritual and prayer

The mystery that is found in the temple of the Hawthorn
is the sacred alchemical marriage: true love
.and partnership

Hawthorn’s gifts to us all are loving attention, empathy
and gentleness. From this spring protection, stability
.and commitment to one another

Where the power of Hawthorn is missing we experience
alienation and indifference. We become unreliable and
.unfaithful, which leads to decay and disintegration

The Tree Angel Oracle, by Fred Hageneder & Anne Heng _

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