Wednesday, July 05, 2006

b Taste God's De-Lights for Yourself b

.A lady was shocked to find a bug in her tea
The waiter took her cup into the kitchen and
returned with what appeared to be a fresh cup
of tea. She cried out on tasting it; "You fetched
me the same cup of tea!" How did she know
?it was tainted

.The answer is; she had put sugar in the tea

People are conditioned from birth with; 'The true words
of God' from various holy books, each one differing in
God's word from the others...Unless people get a personal
taste of God for themselves, they will never know if God's
word, that they continue to swallow each day, is tainted by
.misguided humans or is as fresh as a cup of organic green tea

~ by Michael Levy ~

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