Monday, June 05, 2006

John G. Lake, one time was traveling across Europe
.by train, and he stopped at a train station in Italy
As he was sitting there looking out the window, he
.saw some men standing on the platform talking

The Spirit of God spoke to him and said, “Go
witness to those men. I want to save them." Now
brother Lake wasn't the kind of man, who would
argue with the Lord. He wasn't someone who
.would say, " oh Lord, don't you have someone else
"?You could send besides scraggly, little old me

No, he just picked up his Bible, walked out of
that train car and stepped up to those men and
.began speaking to them in tongues
They understood every word he said, and
all three of them were born again and baptized
.in the Holy Spirit right here on the spot

My goodness, I just don't understand how he"
.did that!" Someone might say

I'll tell you how we did it. He did it by
releasing the three spiritual forces the Bible
tells us are absolutely vital for those who
desire to operate in the gifts of
.the Spirit -- faith, hope, and love
~ 1 Corinthians 13:13 ~

John G. Lake of the Lord and love those men
enough to step out by faith and obey
the command of God. He dared to operate
in Bible hope, which is earnest expectation
that God would do through him exactly what
Jesus said he would do. He had a divine
image inside him, an image of himself doing
.the works that Jesus did and even greater works
And he moved boldly expecting that image
.to become reality

.What's more, he refused to let fear stop him

Fear will mess up the things of God. Fear
will keep us from moving in the gifts of
the Spirit if we let it. That's why any
time fear shows its ugly head, you must
stop right there and deal with it. You
can't afford to accept it and say
became "well, that's just the way
".I am

Why? Because your divine destiny is
!waiting! The Lord Jesus is waiting
The world is waiting for his ministry
!to be manifest through you

So don't let anything stop you. Right
in the midst of all the daily demands
of life, rise up in faith, hope and
love and begin to do what God divinely
.designed you to do
Get out your Bible and developed a
divine image inside you. See yourself
ministering in the power of the Holy
Spirit. See yourself doing the very
works of Jesus. The works he said you
were designed to do. Then let the very
love of God moved you to step out
in faith, and do what the Spirit leads
you to do. Do it in love. Do it by
faith. And to it with hope, confidently
.expecting God to keep his word

Dear to fulfill your destiny and
!the world will see Jesus through You

Taken from believers voice of victory, magazine December 2004 _

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