Thursday, May 11, 2006

When we let go of striving for the perfect
archetypal friendship and just practice being
a friend, we discover it is not about finding
.friendship; it is about being a friend

Whenever we are unconditionally present
the friend before us feels affirmed, safe
and seen on the deepest level so that
the goodness and authenticity of his or her
.being shines forth
In this moment the friendship is a sacred
connection. And it flows both ways: when we
are living from our own depth, everything and
everyone is experienced as real, not as an
.interpretation or idealized image
We also become more forgiving as we accept our
failings. We experience in lifelong friendships
a compassionate acceptance of each
.other’s longtime flaws

A movement into intimacy reveals imperfections
as well as strengths. Though we may seek supportive
and nurturing relations, the closer we become with
someone, the more or disturbing, difficult, and
dissatisfying traits are revealed. But here is
.where we meet depth and emotional closeness
Sacred friendship is a way of being, an intimacy
with oneself and the world that invites the presence
.of another into that space

Within the wide embrace of sacred friendship
acceptance and forgiveness are what make real
intimacy possible. Intimacy rests in the simplicity
of being fully present, responsive to what is there
in the moment, with no agenda or anticipation. By
fully being in the moment we are there in just
the right way. We rediscover the mystery of who we
.are through this interchange of opening and surrender
.Such friendships create heaven on earth

by Steven Smith in Voices of Insight _

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