Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Y Hidden In My Heart Y

.What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee

~ Psalm 56:3 ~

Miss Ruby seemed so tall as I stared up at
her from the little wooden chair where I sat
.each Sunday morning as a three year old
My favorite seat was the one right in front of
her because when I looked up, I could see
the wrinkles around her mouth turn up when
she smiled. Sitting there I almost seemed to
catch some of the joy and enthusiasm that
spilled over as she told Bible stories, taught
us songs, and gave us verses to learn from
God's Word. As she taught, from her curly
white hair down to her black-laced shoes, she
.was a picture of gentleness and wisdom
The thing that impressed me most, even then
was that Miss Ruby Mitchell believed with all
.her heart what she taught

She took it for truth when she read that God
parted the waters of the Red Sea and lead
the people of Israel across the riverbed on dry
ground. She believed it when she told us Jesus
took five biscuits and two ordinary fish from a
.little boy's lunch and made it feed a multitude
She had no doubts that Christ could speak and by
.His words calm a raging sea

It was with that same confidence that she reminded
us often, "Now children, always remember, the Lord
will never leave you. You can always trust Him to
take care of you. Then one day she gave us a verse
to secure that thought. I can still see her standing
before us shaking her finger as she spoke, "What
time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee, Psalm 56:3. Now
you repeat it," And we did. In fact, there was
something wonderful about the rhythm and rhyme of
those words and I repeated them often, especially
.because Miss Ruby wanted me to

Those words went with me through childhood and
adolescence. When my husband and I went to Africa
as missionaries early in our adult life, it was
the words that Miss Ruby taught me that quieted my
heart when I felt alone and afraid. Even today when
the trials of life seem overwhelming, it's as if
Miss Ruby is standing beside me whispering, "What
".time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee, Psalm 56:3

Because she believed it when she taught, it was
easy for me to believe it, too. As I've trusted God
to help me with the multitude of situations over
.the years, He has proved Himself faithful
!Miss Ruby was right

Dear Father, when fear and doubt come my way, bring
.quickly to my mind the words I learned so very long ago
Give me faith to trust you and to glorify You as
.I face the challenges of each new day

Dr. Ann Shorb is the founder of Christian Counseling
& Educational Services, an accomplished professional
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