Friday, April 21, 2006

No one knows the future, only probabilities from
the level they are reading into.The future can
change anytime by the thoughts, words, actions and
.choices people make

The one truth that there is, is that we can create
a heavenly, peaceful and abundant existence here on
Earth. For this to be, we have to choose this with
intent, and all of us have to work on all levels to
create it.Everyone is here to make it possible. Now
is the time to make it happen. The only way to save
this planet is to first find peace and balance within
yourself. In many ways you are the planet and when you
heal and balance so will the planet.You are interconnected
with all life... as you love, respect and care for
all of life you will begin healing yourself. We came
to earth to express the love that we are, to be and
?experience all states of unconditional love... Remember
We were created by a divine and loving conscious God. All
of us have the keys to access the divine consciousness
created by God and to experience the state of being one
with the group of Higher Light Beings that live in
the presence of God's love.Living life and accessing Christ
.Consciousness (Divine, God Consciousness) is life transforming

What you think about you attract, so place your mind
where you would like to go. You are the captain of your
ship, take charge, steer the vessel and have a talk
with the crew, let them know the new plan.Then it is
up to you to stay on course.You can ascend, awaken and
open to higher realms within creation.You can access
.higher dimensions and experience the consciousness within
You can higher your vibration and still be embodied
on Earth. You can bring these vibrations to Earth and
re-create your world.There is a spiritual awakening taking
place on Earth.Many people are experiencing transformation
and the ascension process is taking place within them
while they are still embodied on Earth. What each person
experiences is a gift from God. True spirituality is
also only experienced by opening to the Christ energies
.within and gaining access to the Christ Mind
This can take place through a gradual process or it can
happen almost instantaneously through a gift of transformative
light that flushes through the mind and body, raising
As we all rise up in vibration the old world will fall
... away... Love and Light will show the way

Written by Laura Lynn Scholl Author of In God's Own Words_

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