Sunday, March 12, 2006

* The story of Joseph *

This might come as a surprise to some, but
not me. One of the pastors in my church, spoke
on this subject yesterday. My version will be
.different than his

Attitude adjustment. Now I could go on a long time
on this subject, but as I was thinking on this
.the story of Joseph came to mind
Think about all he went through in his life, yet
he never wavered from God. Yes he had dreams and
interpreted them, but as for others helping him get
.through being in jail for something he didn't do
that was Potiphar's wife accusing him of seducing)
her, when she wanted to seduce him). He got thrown
.in prison for that. After God had brought him out slavery
?I can imagine what he was thinking about then, "Why God
Are you really there? Yes God was with Joseph even in
all this mess that others had gotten him into. Then he
interpreted two more dreams for the butler and the baker
on of which was a good interpretation the other was not
( we know the story) he asked the butler to remember him
.when he went back to serve under Pharaoh, but he was not
Two years later finally someone remembers Joseph to interpret
a dream for Pharaoh. He eventually helped Egypt out of a
famine and became one of the rulers under Pharaoh. But
through all this even in the good times. God was with him
and he never wavered from God. This should be our attitude
.always. Don't go where the wind blows you. Go with God
It says in Philippians 4:4 to rejoice in the Lord always,and
!I will repeat this again rejoice
That means in everything, not matter what it is. We have
?the creator of this world on our side, SO WHY

~ unknown ~

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