Wednesday, March 08, 2006

> I Started A Prayer >

I started my prayer this Morning
.asking God for things I felt in need
Then God spoke back to me and said
.I think you would call this Greed
Think about the ones that do not
.have all the Love or joys you've had
And when I started thinking about this
.well then it made me kind of sad

May I start this prayer all over again
.Think I got hung up on myself
Think I will take my needs for now
.and lay them upon the shelf
I have nothing Lord that I really
.want and little that I do need
So looking back at what you said
.my heart was full of greed

Pray Children in this world be warm
.and Bellies filled with food
already I can feel the difference
starting to put me in the mood
All families that have lost someone
.fill their hearts full of cheer
Show them how much nicer Lord
.That their lives will be up there

Take care of the homeless Lord
.give them all a place to dwell
For living on the streets Lord
.must be like a living hell
Watch over the ones in the service
.that are fighting Bin Lauden's men
Keep a close eye upon them Lord
.And bring them safely home again

Feel much better now for things I ask
.Its up to you Lord now to fill the task
Your going to be real busy Lord
You've got a lot of wood to stack
Will be keeping close eye on you also
.For I will be coming back


~ John H ~

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