Friday, March 31, 2006

~<> How They Survived - A True Story <>~

Shamans have always known that everything
is alive and has spirit. Where such
knowledge endures, its power is felt in a very
real way. Read the fascinating story of
the aboriginal Onge tribe of India who were
able to survive the 2004 tsunami in Asia
:because of their spiritual attunement to nature

When the water in the creek suddenly ran out
to sea on the morning of December 26 the Onge
.knew the evil spirits were up to no good

They scattered pig and turtle skulls around
their settlement and hurled stones toward
the ocean. Hurriedly gathering their baskets
bows and arrows, they then fled to the jungle
.bearing amulets of ancestral bones for protection

Minutes later, the tsunami that left nearly
300,000 people dead or missing in the India
Ocean region slammed into their tribal reserve in
.India’s remote Andaman islands
All 96 Onge survived, even as the residents of
.the nearby town of Hut Bay perished

The water went away very quickly, and, like"
breathing in and out of the body, the sea water
",had to come back very rapidly and in a big way
Totanagey, an Onge man, explained to anthropologist
Vishvajit Pandaya. " We saw the water and knew that
more land would soon become covered with sea, and
".angry spirits would descend down to hunt us away

The Onge reacted instantly to the threat, guided by
.their knowledge of these spirits

Adapted from Darkness Visible, by Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton _

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