Wednesday, March 15, 2006

..: Teach me To Forgive :..

.For the sake of Your name, O LORD, revive me
.In Your righteousness bring my soul out of trouble

~ Psalm 143:11 ~

Dear God, teach me to forgive all those who
.have wronged me no matter how serious their offense
Although it is my human nature to carry resentment
and feel hatred for those who have hurt me, I know
that anger and hatred are not Your way Lord. You are a
.God of forgiveness, forgiving seventy times seven times
And since I am made in Your image, grant me the strength
.to forgive just as You forgive

While my pride prompts me to carry a grudge, Your word
tells me to love my enemies. And this was no hollow
admonishment on Your part since You set an example by asking
forgiveness for the very men who slayed You. Certainly I
.then, can forgive those guilty of much lesser wrongs

So often we refuse to forgive those who hurt us because of
our own stubbornness and fragile egos. Yet it is in forgiving
that we banish pain and hurt. My fleshly nature tells me that
harsh words spoken against me and evil actions perpetrated upon
me demand like for like. That's why my first reaction is to strike
back when I am attacked. But as a child of God, I know that
.there is a better and holier way to respond to wrongdoing
Therefore,let me return hatred with love and evil with good
.for You would have it no other way

In Your infinite wisdom, my Lord, You taught us that it is in
forgiving that we are forgiven and that it is in loving that
we are loved. So now I come before You, praying for those who
.have hurt me, forgiving those whose actions have caused me pain
I release all of my anger through this prayer and ask You for
.the strength to forgive and to forget

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