Friday, February 24, 2006


My dearly beloved, you are not
the only soul who is involved in
spiritual warfare. My son David
the King of Israel, also was under
strong demonic attack. All those
whom I put in positions of leadership
are hated by the evil one. He will
do all he can to try to destroy you
and remove your credibility, even as
he tried to destroy David. But David
knew how to rise above the attacks of
the evil one and he knew how to rise
above all warfare. He knew the key to
safety in the midst of an all-out
attack. David said, "I cried unto
.(the Lord with my voice..."(verse 4

This is the key. Cry unto Me, cry even
aloud unto Me. As I heard David from
.My "holy hill," I will also hear you
.Lift up your voice and cry aloud
Silent prayer is good, but there are
times when you need to cry aloud. That
loud cry releases the tension of your
.soul. It also breaks down city walls
It will lift you over the heads of your
.enemy and bring My angels to your side
.Don't hold you grief inside of you
Neither discuss it for endless hours
with some sympathetic listener, rather
cry out to Me. When you feel the pressure
of your enemies gathered against you
and they threaten you with dire warnings
that there is not help for you from
.Me, then run to Me and cry aloud to Me
I will turn My army against your enemies
.and I will be your shield of defence
.You need not fear. You must not fear
You can lay yourself down and sleep
for I will protect you and watch over
you in the hours when you sleep. I will
also be there at your bedside when you
awaken. I will walk with you through
the day. Do not fear your enemies. I
have smitten them on the cheekbone
.(and I have broken all their teeth (vs 7

They cannot "bite" you. They may roar
and growl against you, but they are as
helpless as a toothless old lion who
dies of starvation because he cannot
capture nor devour his prey. Relax
therefor, My child. After you have
cried unto Me with all your heart
then praise Me with all your heart
for the battle is no more yours; it is
!Mine! Lie down now and sleep

Gwen R. Shaw _

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