Thursday, February 02, 2006

Actress Helen Hayes will never forget"
.the invasion of France in World War II
Her husband was a part of it. She says
in 'A Gathering of Hope: "Unable to sleep
I took my book of psalms and searched for
the Ninety-third. Somehow my glance fell
on this instead, the Fortieth. The idea of
God inclining unto me (stooping toward
me) has been from that night on a constant
' ".source of hope

Take a few moments and recall a time when
you turned to God for help in a desperate
situation. Was your prayer like the one who
wrote Psalm 40, was it like the prayer Helen
?Hayes prayed

...Let us pray Psalm 40

Lord God, I have waited, waited for you"
.stoop toward me and hear my cry
Draw me out of my pit of destruction
out of the mud of the swamp
God, set my feet upon a crag; make firm
.my steps

Ahhhhhhh Lord! put a new song into my mouth
a hymn to You so many will look in awe and
.trust You

Although I am afflicted and poor, I know that
.You think of me

You are my help and deliverer; O my God, hold
!not back


Excerpts from The Psalms for Today by Mark Link, S.J n

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