Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Jamaican elders teach that at the center
of the Circle of Human Being is Love
.the Divine Elders, and the Mother
To the North is Wisdom and Intuition. To
the East is Emotion and the Heart. To
the West is the Body, and to the South is
.Imagination and the Dream

The Jamaican elders believe that true love
.does not separate us from any of Creation
Love has to emerge from the formless center
of our wheel. True love connects us to all
creation. We learn to imagine in loving ways
we learn to be wise in loving ways, we learn
to move in loving ways. This is honoring
the wholeness of love and the Circle of
.Human Being

Love can only be balanced when it works
through all of our different natures. Love
does not belong to one part of us. . . love
can’t be whole if it only involves what we
call Heart. That is desire when we talk that
way. True love is at the center of our
Human Being, and it works through all
.the four directions equally
.That is the true Heart

Earth Teachings of the Jamaican Elders, by Chet Alexander_

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