Friday, December 09, 2005

Thank Him for Answers
Don't worry about anything
instead, pray about everything
tell God your needs and don't
forget to thank Him for His
answers. If you do this you will
experience God's peace, which is
far more wonderful than the human
mind can understand. His peace will
keep your thoughts and your hearts
quiet and at rest as you trust in
.Christ Jesus

~ (Philippians 4:6,7) ~

Some years ago there was an occasion
when my world was crumbling. All that
my associates and I had worked and
planned for in the ministry of Campus
Crusade for Christ was hanging by a
.slender thread which was about to break

Because of a series of unforeseen
circumstances, we were facing a financial
crisis which could bankrupt the movement
and result in the loss of our beautiful
facilities at Arrowhead Springs
California, acquired just a few years

Already thousands of students and laymen
from all over the world were receiving
training which would influence millions
of lives for Christ. Now we were in
.danger of losing it all

When the word came to me that everything
we had planned and prayed for was in
jeopardy and almost certain to be
lost, I fell to my knees and began
?to give thanks to the Lord. Why

Because many years before I had
discovered that thanksgiving
demonstrates faith, and faith pleases
God. When we demonstrate faith
through thanksgiving, as an _expression
of obedience and gratitude to God
He releases His great power in our
behalf so that we can serve Him
better. Miraculously, God honored
our faith and what could have been
disaster and tragedy turned to victory
and triumph. The end result was that
we were stronger financially than
.we had ever been

God fights the battles for those who
.trust and obey Him

By Bill Bright _

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