Friday, December 23, 2005

~*~ The Meaning of Christmas ~*~

Far away in Bethlehem, a Baby Boy was born
Born with neither riches nor with fame
Yet Wise Men came from all around to bring
to Him their gifts and peace was felt by all
.who heard His name

Angels watched Him as He slept, and gently
rocked his bed; their voices singing softly in
his ear; his Mother and his Father both gave
thanks to God above for the greatest gift of
.all, their Son, so dear

They knew His life upon this earth would not be
filled with wealth, they also knew He would encounter
strife;but most of all, they knew that He would be
a loving Child and teach the love of God throughout
.his life

At Christmas, as we celebrate this Birth of
Jesus Christ, let's keep in mind the truth of
Christmas Day; for it's not the Christmas wrappings
nor the gifts that lie within,but our gift of to others in every way

- Author Unknown -

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