Thursday, November 03, 2005

\\ Will Not Fail You //

³As I was with Moses, so I will be
with thee: I will not fail thee, nor
forsake thee. . . . Be strong and of
a good courage . . . for the Lord thy
God is with thee whithersoever thou
(.goest² (Joshua 1:5, 9, KJV
Scripture Focus: Joshua 1:1-9-

In 1992 I was in an accident. My injuries
were minor, but over the following months
my treatment required that I be gone from
my Design drafting responsibilities to keep
doctor's appointments. Finding people I could
rely on to watch the children, then someone
.to take me to the doctor became a problem
For example, one friend who was to take me
to the doctor forgot to come, forcing me to
.cancel my appointment

No matter how self-reliant we are, we occasionally
.need to depend on others, but they may let us down
That is not true of God. He will never fail us. We
.can rely on Him completely

As Joshua led the Children of Israel into
the Promised Land, God gave the promises in
today's verse. With this assurance, Joshua
.took the land, knowing he could rely on God

Whatever we're facing today, we may need a
.strength beyond our own. God is with us
He will not fail us. No situation is too
.complex or difficult for Him to handle

Insight: Thank the Lord that He will always be
there for you, that He will never fail you. Tell
.Him you are Jesus is Lord of All trusting Him today

Rev. Michael D. Inman _

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