Sunday, November 13, 2005

.:* By the Spirit *:.

Pray in the Spirit on all occasions
.with all kinds of prayers and requests

~ (Ephesians 6:18 (NIV ~

PRAYER has been a daily part of my life
for many years. At times I have kept
a prayer journal, read books on prayer
.and attended retreats on prayer
Still I yearned to "pray better." I finally
realized that my head (what I know) wasn't
.the problem; my heart (what I felt) was

I learned to ask the Holy Spirit to
help me pray when I was devastated
.by the suffering and death of my mother
Cancer took her quickly but not easily
leaving a gaping hole in my life. In my
pain and questioning of God's mercy, I
didn't know how to pray. Then I understood
that I didn't have to know. All I needed
was to ask the Holy Spirit, who turned
.the cries of my suffering into prayer to God

In my study I had learned intellectually
that the Holy Spirit prays for me according
to God's will and will teach me how to
pray. After my mother died, my heart also
learned that it takes more than my human
understanding; I need the wisdom and power
of the Holy Spirit to intercede for me when
.I cannot pray myself

(Janet Sheely (Michigan, U.S.A_

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