Thursday, October 13, 2005

* Seven Lessons About GOD That Can Be Learned From Star Wars *

There is a Force. (It is called God
the Almighty, All-knowing, All-powerful
All-good, Creator, Sustainer, Supervisor
(.of the Universe

The Force Is with you. (God is always there
constantly watching out for you and wants
(.only your good

There is a "Dark Side of the Force." (This
is what is called in Hebrew the "Yetzer
Hora" - the inclination to follow our bodily
desires rather than our spiritual quest; physical
(.pleasure as a goal is an illusion

Success comes from conquering the Dark Side of
the Force. (To come close to the Almighty, one
must conquer and control his passions. Commitment
(.and discipline are vital for success

To become a Jedi Knight one must recognize the Force
study it, work hard and have a master. (To know
- God one must search for Him, read the Chumash
the Pentateuch, ask questions of people who know
have a teacher; don't think that it will just
(.happen by chance

To be acknowledged as a Jedi Knight, one must
pass tests. (To come close to God, one must
realize that everything in life is an opportunity
to grow, perfect oneself and bridge the gap
between you and Him. Difficult times are a
test and God never gives you a test you cannot

There are no coincidences (a prominent line from
previous Star War prequels). (The Almighty
interacts with history and with each
individual's life; there is meaning in
everything that happens; one SHOULD ask "Why
is this happening to me?" But, he should ask
out of wanting to understand ... not ask out
(!of indignation and anger

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