Sunday, September 25, 2005

~* Eating In Peace *~

When I first came to this country, one of the
things that used to surprise me was to see people
walking and eating at the same time. There was a
".cafe in Berkeley in those days called "Eat and Run
Students patronized it in large numbers, so I used to
tell my class, "Why not have another cars, 'Drink &

You won't find me eating at "Eat and Run." Trying to
do many things at once means doing nothing well. As
the Buddha says, "When you are walking, walk. When
you are sitting, sit. Don't wobble." I would add, "When
".you are eating, eat. When you are running, run

From my experience I have found that it adds immeasurably
to the joy of a meal not to rush through it alone or "on the
go," but to share it with others in a relaxed manner. This is
:one of the great secrets of a simple, beautiful life
nourishment comes not only from what you eat, but from
.how you eat it and from the company with whom you eat

In the Bible there is a beautiful prayer: "Give us this day our
daily bread." "Bread" here means much more than what we
use to make sandwiches. In the Hindu tradition as much as
in the Christian, meals are not secular activities. They are
considered sacraments, because they fill our deeper needs
.not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
Eating is much more than four food groups and the principal
amino acids. To live and give at our best, we need to eat in
.peace, in an atmosphere, of love

From 'Your Life is Your Message' by Eknath Easwaran=

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