Thursday, September 29, 2005


?What has caused you to cry out to God lately
Have you tried to save money to meet
your obligations, but found that all those
savings have disappeared through unexpected
?medical bills, or needs of relatives
Are you yourself suffering from an illness
?you can't shake

Are you crying out to God for those you
love who are walking in sin, who are headed
?to destruction

Are you crying out to God for unreached
peoples, for those who presently are following
- in the footsteps of centuries of ancestors
people without hope in the word? Have you
?prayed and prayed and yet see no answer

Let's look at Exodus 2:23-25, three verses
about God's response to the suffering of
His people. Though written 3500 years ago, these
.verses speak to you today if you belong to God
Your sufferings, your cries bring the same
response from God today as the sufferings
of the Israelites in Egypt. Whatever the content
.of your cries, the passage is for you

The Hebrews had of their own accord came to
Egypt to be with Joseph.but some 400 years
later, they are in bondage to the Pharoah
.and no longer free

Verse 23 - During those many days the king
of Egypt died, and the people of Israel groaned
because of their slavery and cried out for
help. Their cry for rescue from slavery
.came up to God

The Israelites have now been in Egypt almost
400 years. There is no biblical record of any
prophet speaking to the people during this
time. There is no record of any writings
handed down from Abraham to subsequent
generations about God's dealings with
the patriarchs. While certainly there is
an oral tradition stories of their forefathers
that are told from parents to children, the days
of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph must seem
far away. Think of your own ancestors of 400 years ago
?in the year 1602. How much do you know about them

So here are the Israelites: slaves to
a king who hates them but uses them in
hard labor.They still cry out to God
through the generations they have been
.taught to do that

But: Is God there? Is He aware of what
?is going on with His people
?Does He care? Does He remember

?Do you often ask yourself that
Does God care, really care about

These are the same questions we ask
in our times of trouble. Their cries
.are our cries

How does the book of Exodus answer
these questions? Let us read
:verses 24 and 25

verse 24 - "And God heard their groaning
and God remembered his covenant with Abraham
".with Isaac, and with Jacob

God does hear our cries. He hears us when
.we pray, when we cry out to Him

".....verse 25 - "God saw the people of Israel
God saw the sufferings of His people. It
pained Him to see them suffer. It pains God
.to see us suffer

These two brief verses answer these questions
:in a profound way. The Israelites are asking
"?Is God there? Does God hear"
In the Hebrew, the author uses only 15 words
in these verses, but repeats the word "God" four
times. Each time "God" is used as the subject of
.a verb, putting strong emphasis on the Lord Himself
The four two-word phrases constitute
:our outline this morning

!God does hear us
!God does care about us
!God sees our situations in life
!God knows our situations in life

While the Israelites certainly wondered
whether or not God was hearing, He did hear
.their groanings. And He always hears our cries
The one who instructs us, "He who has ears
let him hear!" surely hears Himself. As
:the Psalmist says

When the righteous cry for help
(the LORD hears. (34:17

Your God Sees! He sees what is behind
and what is ahead, all the threats
.all the dangers

Your God Knows! He knows you! He knows
.your sins, your failures,your weaknesses

He knows your enemies, and the trials
they will put in your path; most of all
He knows His plans for you; He knows
the path by which He will lead you, and
how He will work all these trials together
.for your good and His glory

.So persevere! Hold on! Trust in God

~ unknown ~

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