Wednesday, August 17, 2005

!!!Now is the time

There is much to be gained by remembering
and learning from the past. There is also
much to be gained by remembering that the
.past does not have to control you
..Now is where you are
Now is where you are fully alive, fully
!able to make things happen
..Wishing that things had been different
steals energy away from the positive action
that you can take right now. Instead of
merely wishing... you can act to make it
!happen NOW
All the disappointments you have ever
experienced are now behind you! Though
consequences may continue,those consequences
and disappointments must no longer hold you
back! Keep in mind that in time..your
consequences will fade, And with a positive
attitude,striving with diligence,and practicing will achieve your goals and
overcome the obstacles you've come
.up against in your life

In Fact "Now" is the moment you have the power
.to turn each disappointment,completely around
...You can...with your thoughts and your actions
You can redirect your energy into whatever direction
!you choose
!!!!!!What a wonderful GIFT
..We can use those horrible experiences to build with
rather than allowing them to crowd our minds
with disappointments,hurt, guilt, worry, fear, agony
We can bring them to God, who has loved us from the time
we were conceived, God Loved us with a love we can not
fully understand. He will show us how to recover& how
!to live in the NOW
Following God's path we will learn how to live a
life that we only dreamed of living

..This prayer was typed from my heart
..I offer myself to thee build me
.To do with me as your will
God please relieve me from my bondage
Please help me to better do Thy will
..Please take away my difficulties Father
!May I be victorious over them
...Thy power,thy love,and thy way of life
!May I do your will always


* Unknown *

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