Thursday, July 21, 2005

Storytelling crosses over all boundaries
.for it speaks the language of the heart

~ Allison M. Cox ~

Stories have great power to heal, as well
as to entertain. This story, called “The
Two Warriors,” by Dan Keding, has been a
favorite among the Irish audience who are
working to heal the rift in their country
.but it speaks to human beings everywhere

:Read this moving story of peace, here

Once there was a war and two armies came
together in battle. They fought from
the time the sun came up in the east til
it set in the west. When the day was at
a close, only two warriors remained, surrounded
by their dead comrades covered in the blood
.and gore of war

They stood facing each other, so exhausted
.from death that they could barely move
Finally one said, “Let us rest until dawn
and then finish this fight and only one
.will go home.” The other warrior agreed

And so they took off their dented helmets
and unstrapped their shields and sheathed
their swords. They lay down among their
fallen comrades only a few feet apart
from each other. But they were so weary
that they could not sleep. It was the weariness
that comes with too much killing. Finally
.one turned to the other and spoke

I have a son at home in my village and“
he plays with a wooden sword. Someday
”.he wants to grow up and be like me

The other man listened and finally
replied, “I have a daughter at home
and when I look into her eyes I see
”.the youth of my wife

The two men started to tell each
other stories. Stories of their
families, their villages, their
neighbors, the old stories that
they learned at their
grandparents’ knees when they
were young. All night long they
told stories til the sun started
.to creep to life in the east

Slowly they stood and put on their
helmets. They buckled on their shields
and drew their swords. They looked
deep into each others’ eyes and
slowly sheathed their swords and
.walked away, each to his own home

Grandmother always said you cannot
.hate someone when you know their story

from The Healing Heart: Communities, edited by Allison M. Cox and David H. Albert _

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