Saturday, July 16, 2005

Somebody said it takes about six
weeks to get back to normalafter
you've had a baby Somebody doesn't
know that once you're a mother
.Normal, is history

Somebody said you learn how to
.be a mother by instinct
Somebody never took a
.three-year-old shopping

Somebody said being a mother
is boring. Somebody never rode
in a car driven by a teenager
.with a driver's permit

Somebody said "good" mothers
.never raise their voices
Somebody never came out the back
door just in time to see her
child hit a golf ball through
.the neighbor's kitchen window

Somebody said you don't need
.an education to be a mother
Somebody never helped a fourth
.grader with her math

Somebody said you can't love
the fifth child as much as
you love the first. Somebody
.doesn't have five children

Somebody said a mother can find
-all the answers to her child
.rearing questions in the books
Somebody never had a child stuff
.beans up his nose or in his ears

Somebody said the hardest part of
.being a mother is labor and delivery
"Somebody never watched her "baby
get on the bus for the first
day of kindergarten or on a plane
".headed for military "boot camp

Somebody said a mother can do her
job with her eyes closed and
.one hand tied behind her back
Somebody never organized four
.giggling Brownies to sell cookies

Somebody said a mother can stop
.worrying after her child gets married
Somebody doesn't know that marriage
-adds a new son or daughter
.in-law to a mother's heartstrings

Somebody said a mother's job is
.done when her last child leaves home
.Somebody never had grandchildren

Somebody said your mother knows
you love her, so you don't need
.to tell her. Somebody isn't a mother

~Author Unknown~

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