Wednesday, June 22, 2005

~*~ The Storm ~*~

?What kind of storms have you faced in your life
Or natural disaster? We have been through some
.terrible earthquakes where I live. Devastating
It destroyed many buildings and homes. But the
good news is, many of us were prepared. We had
water and food stored away, and a plan on what
to do in case of this emergency, along with
first aid supplies and a central phone number
for our family to reach each other. We made
.plans for the storm

Do you plan for storms? What about in your
spiritual life? If you do not plan, the storms
of life can take you down.They can make you
feel defeated, worried, overwhelmed and eventually
like you are a loser. You see the truth is,we
!will all have the storms

.The secret is in how we learn to deal with them
We need to store up supplies ( having our heart
encouraged by the word of God, inspiring articles
and things that build us up) we need to
prepare ( prayer daily, learning coping skills
learning how to face things with courage rather
than despair). We need to be prepared, so we
.can sleep even in a storm

My Father God knows our needs before we speak
them.He said to cast your care upon Him, for
.He cares for you

~ 1 Peter 5:7 ~

I have to say, I have had some overwhelming
storms in my life,ones that I thought I could
never live through. Times when I lost people I
loved the most, with no remedy. Times where
people got sick, or died, or left me. Times
when people turned their backs on me. And times
when illness invaded our lives.Times when finances
.didn't meet basic needs. Many things
But.. they did pass. We did make it through
.these times
.And each time, we became stronger

I have also learned that there are two ways
to look at any situation. WE can find constructive
ways to cope with things, or we can give up and
say I am a loser, I expected this
.this is the way my whole life has been

We have a choice on how to look at what has
happened to us. Make a plan, prepare for
the unknown ahead, by becoming strong, resiliant
and positive thinking. Most of all, remember
.your source is Jesus Christ, not the world

by millie 8

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