Thursday, June 09, 2005

Solve the Riddle of Love

:Love is like a rainbow

.Red is the color of passion

.Orange is conception and creative magic

Yellow shines love into the essence of
.true selfhood

Green is the reflection of nature that
.emanates through heart

Blue is the color of the sky jewel and
.the infinite territory of the mind

Deep blue or indigo is the color of
.mystery and the void of eternity

Violet is the color of spiritual attunement
.and the advancement of knowledge

You hold all of these potentials within
your heart. Each of the colors reveals
a higher aspect of divine potentials in
.the human soul

Your twin soul is the reflection of your
own higher self. Honor the “law of love” in
all your words and actions. The secret is
revealed. Be love and you will be loved by
others. Love will never betray you. You are
infinite and joyous, playful and pure. A
broken heart is an open heart. Let all life
experiences bring more light and bounty to
.the power of love in your everyday life

Adapted from Tarot of the Four Elements, by Isha Lerner and Amy Ericksen _

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