Sunday, May 08, 2005

When I was young, and even more foolish
than I am today, I believed that one
had to travel far and wide in order to
seek truth, divine reality, or whatever
you call it. I believed that truth
would most likely be found in the world's
.so-called sacred places
Yet the fact is that truth is everywhere
it knows no religious, cultural, temporal
.or ethnic bounds. Truth is the perfect circle
Its center is everywhere; its circumference
stretches into infinite space. The land on
which we stand is sacred, no matter where
.we stand

:The Tao Te Ching says

Without going out of my door I can know
.all things on earth
Without looking out of my window I can
.know the ways of heaven

From:'Awakening to the Sacred' by Lama Surya Das _

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