Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We Receive A Faith That Works By Love

For in Jesus Christ neither
circumcision availeth any thing
nor uncircumcision; but faith
.which worketh by love

~ Gal. 5:6 ~

When you present your petitions
to the Lord, it should be in humility
without boasting of superior
attainments, but with real soul
.hunger for the blessing of God
Christ always knows what is cherished
.in the heart

We must come in faith that the Lord
will hear and answer our prayers
for "whatsoever is not of faith is
sin." Genuine faith is the faith that
.works by love, and purifies the soul
A living faith will be a working
faith. Should we go into the garden
and find that there was no sap in
the plants, no freshness in the leaves
no bursting buds or blooming flowers
no signs of life in stalk or branches
we would say, "The plants are dead. Uproot
them from the garden; for they are a
".deformity to the beds

So it is with those who profess
.Christianity, and have no spirituality
If there are no signs of religious vigor
if there is no doing of the commandments
of the Lord, it is evident that there is
.no abiding in Christ, the living vine

Faith and love are the essential
powerful, working elements of
Christian character. Those who
possess them are one with Christ
and are carrying forward His
mission. . . . We are to sit at
Christ's feet as continual learners
and to work with His gifts of faith
and love. We shall then wear Christ's
yoke, and lift His burdens, and Christ
will recognize us as one with Him; in
heaven it will be said, "Ye are
labourers together with God." Will our
youth remember that without faith
it is impossible to please God? and
it must be faith that works by love
.and purifies the soul

We cannot overestimate the value of
simple faith and unquestioning
obedience. It is by following in
the path of obedience in simple faith
.that the character obtains perfection

~ Ellen G. White Estate ~

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