Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Do you love me more than"

(from John 21:15)

The Lord Jesus may use the same
.question to turn our hearts to him
Whether we are trying to catch fish
like Peter was, or watch television
wash dishes, fix cars, or whatever
our preoccupation, Christ calls us
to focus on him, "Do you love me
more than these?" Yes? Then he is
encouraging us to reset our focus
on him. No? Then he is calling us
to trust him, and not have any gods
before him. Either way, It is for
.our benefit that he asks

He may ask the same question to free
us from comparing ourselves to other
people, and the empty illusion of our
own strength. We might say, as Peter
...once did, "Though they all fall away
"...I will never fall away
~ (see Mat 26:33) ~

He might ask, "Do you love me more than
these?", to rebuke our flesh that would
compare ourselves with one another, as
to whether we love him more than other
people love him. ~When they measure
themselves by one another and compare
themselves with one another, they are
.without understanding
~ (see 2Cor 10:12) ~

But the Spirit within us hears a true
question, and Christ equips us for
spiritual warfare by showing us
.the difference

His question is intensely personal, and
heart searching. "Is your love for me
greater than your love for anything or
anyone else? Do you love me more than
these?" ~Whoever loves father or mother
more than me is not worthy of me, and
whoever loves son or daughter more than
me is not worthy of me. And whoever does
not take his cross and follow me is not
.worthy of me
~ (Mat 10:37-38) ~

So whether it be fish or television
fixing cars or washing dishes, workbench
or church ministry, husband, wife
children, or other people... "Do you love
me more than these?" Our only secure
grace of God answer: ~"Lord, you know
".everything; you know that I love you
~ (see John 21:17) ~

Then Jesus carries it further, to put a
nail in the coffin of self exaltation
and, even more important, for an eternal
purpose, to encourage us in the joy of
...serving with him: "Then feed my lambs
".tend and feed my sheep
~ (from John 21:15-17) ~

The greatest among us is the One who came
.to serve. Let us turn to him in worship

Lord Jesus, thank you for calling us to
you. Thank you for continuing to free me
from comparing myself with others, and for
your work that serves in the humble beauty
of holiness. Help me to look to you, to
pick up my cross and to follow you. Purify
my heart, to love you more than anything
.or anyone

Today's very great and precious promise

.The greatest among you shall be your servant
Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and
.whoever humbles himself will be exalted
~ (Mat 23:11-12) ~

.You have God's Word on it

Mary Ann _

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