Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We cannot do great things
.only little things with great love

Mother Teresa _

"Doing "little things with great love
defined Mother Teresa’s life and witness
in the world; she became an emblem of
selfless and devoted service to
.those in need

But how can we apply Mother Teresa’s way
:to our own lives? Learn here

Mother Teresa knew that great opportunities
are rare and that the little opportunities
that come our way every day provide
the occasions for us to grow in love by
transcending ourselves. It takes considerable
awareness from moment to moment to recognize
these little opportunities. We need to be alert
.to the invitations we receive in each moment

We can respond with love in all the situations
of life and practice compassion without counting
the cost. And of course a spiritual practice of
meditation or prayer can help prepare us to do
.everything with extraordinary love in each moment

One of the reasons we are here in this existence
.is to learn and hone this skill of great love
The great achievements our society celebrates
often have no beneficial effect on anyone. It
.is really the little things that are important

~ From The Mystic Hours, by Wayne Teasdale ~

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