Friday, April 22, 2005


If ye love me, keep my"

~ John 14:15 ~

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I cannot think of anything that
.I disliked more

When I was around 10 - 11 years old
the one thing that I absolutely did
not like to do during my summer break
from school was.....mowing the

I just did not enjoy pushing that
vibrating, stinking metal contraption
across our yard out in the 100 degree
heat. Now, our yard was just an average
size yard, but it seemed to be about 50
acres or so as I pushed the lawn mower
.over every inch of it

So, why did I mow the yard, if I
?disliked it so greatly

.Dad told me to do it. And dad was the boss

And I obeyed him because it was my
.duty to do so

So, mumbling and grumbling and
complaining, I mowed the lawn about
twice a month during those summer
vacations, basically just to get
.my dad off of my back

But then, when I was about sixteen
something strange and wonderful
happened. (No, we didn't move into
(!an apartment WITHOUT a yard

I remember coming home from visiting
my friends and as I walked into the kitchen
to get some ice water, I happened to look
.out the kitchen window into the back yard
My dad was out there in the 100 degree heat
his face beet red, dripping with sweat as
.he pushed the lawn mower over the tall grass

And I just stood there watching him for
a few minutes and something began
to stir in me. I began to think about
how great a dad I had. Here was
the man who had been to every baseball
game I had ever played in. He was
always there for me. This was the man
who worked hard every week to provide for
me and my sister. He made a great many
sacrifices along the way. As I continued
to watch for just a minute longer, memories
and scenes flooded my mind as I saw how he
.had poured out his love for me over the years

And then, I did something I never had done
before. I walked outside, into the 100 degree
heat, walked over to where my dad was, and
I placed my hands on the lawn mower
...and said

You go rest, dad. I'll"
".finish up

I'll never forget what my father
said that day. His words simply said
Thanks, son." But, his face, his face"
said much more. The smile that
spread across his face said, "I'm proud
of you son." It said, "Well
done, my son." I'm telling you the look
on his face sounded in my ears like the
.applause of a stadium full of excited fans

.And so, I mowed the yard that day

.Because I knew dad wanted me to
.And dad was my hero

.And I did it because I loved him

My friend, there are two kinds of
Christians. First, there are those
that obey their Heavenly Father out
?of duty. Hey, God's the boss, right
And so, mumbling and grumbling and
complaining, they go through the motions
.just to get Him off of their backs

Then, there are those that obey their
.Heavenly Father for a different reason
You see, one day while looking through
the window of their heart, they saw God
.at work in the back yard of their life
They saw the Father who is always there
for them. They saw the One who provides
for them and made so many sacrifices for
them. Yes, their minds were flooded
with memories and scenes of all of
the multitudes of ways that God has shown
.His great love to them through the years

And they obey because they know their
.Father wants them to

.And the Father is their hero

.And they do it because they love Him

They long so greatly just to hear His
voice whisper to their hearts
Well done. Well done my good and"
".faithful servant. I'm proud of you

Dear Christian, how's your relationship
with the Father? Are you mumbling, grumbling
?and complaining as you go through the motions
?Or, have you gotten a real glimpse of the Father

...Why do you obey
?for love or duty...

"Have a "Wonderful DAY in Christ

by leianne ~

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