Monday, April 18, 2005

~*~ The Bible Begets New Life ~*~

Being born again . . . by the word of
God, which liveth and abideth for

~ 1 Peter 1:23 ~

In the Bible the will of God is
revealed. The truths of the Word of
God are the utterances of the Most
High. He who makes these truths a
part of his life becomes in every
sense a new creature. He is not
given new mental powers, but
the darkness that through ignorance
and sin has clouded the understanding
is removed. The words, "A new heart
also will I give you," mean, "A new
mind will I give you." A change of
heart is always attended by a clear
conviction of Christian duty, an
understanding of truth. He who gives
the Scriptures close, prayerful
attention will gain clear comprehension
and sound judgment, as if in turning to
God he had reached a higher
.plane of intelligence

The Bible contains the principles
that lie at the foundation of all
true greatness, all true prosperity
whether for the individual or for the
nation. The nation that gives free
room for the circulation of the
Scriptures opens the way for the minds
of the people to develop and
expand. The reading of the Scriptures
causes light to shine into the
darkness. As the Word of God is
searched, life-giving truths are
found. In the lives of those who heed
its teachings there will be an
undercurrent of happiness that will
bless all with whom they are brought
.in contact

Thousands have drawn water from these
wells of life, yet there is no
diminishing of the supply. Thousands
have set the Lord before them, and
by beholding have been changed into
the same image. Their spirit burns
within them as they speak of His
character, telling what Christ is to
. . . them and what they are to Christ
Thousands more may engage in the
work of searching out the mysteries of
salvation. . . . Each fresh search will
reveal something more deeply
interesting than has yet been

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