Saturday, April 30, 2005

~* Being United As Children Of God *~

For ye are all the children of God
.by faith in Christ Jesus

~ Gal. 3:26 ~

We seldom find two persons exactly
alike. Among human beings as well as
among the things of the natural world
there is diversity. Unity in diversity
among God's children-the manifestation
of love and forbearance in spite of
difference of disposition-this is
the testimony that God sent His Son into
.the world to save sinners

The unity that exists between Christ
and His disciples does not destroy
the personality of either. In mind, in
purpose, in character, they are one, but
not in person. By partaking of the Spirit
of God, conforming to the law of God, man
.becomes a partaker of the divine nature
Christ brings His disciples into a living
.union with Himself and with the Father
Through the working of the Holy Spirit
upon the human mind, man is made complete
in Christ Jesus. Unity with Christ establishes
a bond of unity with one another. This
unity is the most convincing proof to
the world of the majesty and virtue of
.Christ, and of His power to take away sin

The powers of darkness stand a poor chance
against believers who love one another as
Christ has loved them, who refuse to create
alienation and strife, who stand together
who are kind, courteous, and tender-hearted
cherishing the faith that works by love and
purifies the soul. We must have the Spirit of
.Christ, or we are none of His

In unity there is strength; in division
.there is weakness

The closer our union with Christ, the closer
will be our union with one another. Variance
and disaffection, selfishness and conceit, are
striving for supremacy. These are the fruits
of a divided heart, open to the suggestions
of the enemy of souls. Satan exults when he
.can sow seeds of dissension

In unity there is a life, a power, that can
.be obtained in no other way

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