Monday, March 21, 2005

~* Your Father's Word to You *~

I have already given you everything that
.you need to fight the enemy of your soul
You are My child, you are My soldier and
.you are My friend
Pray to Me as Jesus prayed. I Am His Father
.and I Am your Father

You are more than a conqueror and you
.have already been given the victory
You are My righteous instrument ~ My
instrument of choice. I have given
you keys, I have given you My power
and authority. I have chosen you and
.I will send you in My time

You are My diamond and you are in
the process of being polished. You
.need to trust Me and not your old man
don't trust the ways of old. Instead
Give yourself wholly to Me and I will
.give you the desires of your heart

Trust Me, obey Me, follow Me, love Me
.for I will never disappoint you

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