Thursday, March 24, 2005

~*~ We Shall Inherit All Things ~*~

He that overcometh shall inherit
all things; and I will be his
.God, and he shall be my son

~ Rev. 21:7 ~

In order to inherit all things, we
.must resist and overcome sin

We may have joy in the Lord if we
will keep His commandments. If we
indeed have our citizenship above
and a title to an immortal
inheritance, an eternal substance
we have that faith which works by
love and purifies the soul. . . . We
are members of the heavenly family
children of the heavenly King, heirs
of God, and joint heirs with Christ. At
His coming we shall have the crown of
.life that fadeth not away

The Monarch of heaven would have
you possess and enjoy all that can
ennoble, expand, and exalt your being
and fit you to dwell with Him forever
your existence measuring with
the life of God. What a prospect
is the life which is to come! What
charms it possesses! How broad and
deep and measureless is the love of
!God manifested to man

The privileges granted to the children
of God are without limit,-to be
connected with Jesus Christ, who
throughout the universe of heaven and
worlds that have not fallen, is adored
by every heart, and His praises sung by
every tongue; to be children of God,
to bear His name, to become a member of
the royal family; to be ranged under
the banner of Prince Immanuel, the King
.of kings and Lord of lords

The Son of God was the heir of all things
and the dominion and glory of the kingdoms
. . . .of this world were promised to Him
Even as Christ was in the world, so are
His followers. They are the sons of God
and joint heirs with Christ; and the kingdom
.and dominion belong to them

In place of the world, He will give you, for
a life of obedience, the kingdom under
the whole heavens. He will give you an
eternal weight of glory and a life that
.is as enduring as eternity

From Devotional: Our Father Cares, p. 39. by Ellen G. White Estate _

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