Friday, March 11, 2005

*~ Lost For Words ~*

Who can describe a summer's day or
?a winter's walk or a lover's kiss
Who can convey how it feels to paddle
in clear cool water with a sea breeze
bristling against your face, the sand
tickling between your toes, the sun
warming your every step? Who can tell
of a forest deep with mystery, strolling
over broken twigs and dying leaves, seeing
a rainbow of green scattered through by
splinters of light? And who can really
speak of a loved one, how their presence
dissolves all other cares, how their
touch, their look, their smile inebriates
?the senses and makes you drunk in their arms

Even these simple things of everyday
life are difficult to describe. Our
words, our limited vocabulary cannot
package up and bestow on another all
the sights and sounds of these sensual
events. Rather, they can only serve to
beckon others to see for themselves
.the wonder of what their teller tells of
Our words are only mere vehicles to
glimpse a reality that lies in that
person alone and that others can only
.go and foster for themselves

But yet our words are real and human. Our
desire to express God is our desperate sign
to relive His Presence with others. For
our humanity asks us to say what lies
.beyond the realms of speech

by Moire O'Sullivan _

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